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We create software products for different purposes because... why not?

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About DGtalize

We create software products for different purposes using different technologies. Most of them came from spontaneous needs we have, so we like to share them with the world.

Here you can check our products. We'll try to keep adding new ones whenever possible.

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5 Released Projects
3463 Days of Existence


Because you are probably wondering what tools we use...


Websites and web apps (aren't those the same?), including hybrid apps.


Giving styles and visual animations to the face of each web product.


Giving life to websites and provide enhanced user interaction.


Mobile applications... clearly.


Backend of some websites, and even web services.

C# (.Net)

Desktop applications, and backend for some websites or web services.

Latest project!

Create and manage your characters for a Dungeons & Dragons (d20) 3.5 game like you will with your paper character sheet, but digital and smart!


Take a look at what we built and, please, feel free to try!

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We are everywhere and nowhere (how mysterious...)

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